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Private Yacht Party Experience – Yacht Parties Mykonos

Are you planning to visit Mykonos and make a yacht party Mykonos?

We provide the best yachts with high end services.

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Luxury Yachting Mykonos


Of course you do! Being an island, Mykonos has a beautiful sea. Also, there are some other beautiful islands nearby. What is a better idea than organizing a VIP Party, yacht parties Mykonos or Miami?

We can book a boat and a hostess for you and get everything set up for an unforgettable experience. Luxurious yachts are waiting for you to get on board and have a wild party under the hot Greek sun or Miami beach. Besides why not combining your party with the stunning sunset?

  • Sunsets
  • DJs
  • Dancers
  • Chefs
  • Premium Drinks (Lamborghini wine, etc.)

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Everything you need on board

Take a moment and think about how you dream the perfect VIP Mykonos Yacht Party. You might want it to be at noon under the hot sun and have some dives in the cool sea waters. On the other hand, you may want it to be late at the evening to enjoy the sky colors. Both ways, you will, for sure, need some alcohol, music and a good company. Of course, we can provide all of them. Expensive alcohol beverages, loud music and a lot of dance. Trust us and we will hire the best DJs for yacht parties. Additionally, we can take care of your drinks or pizza. And last but not least, we can have some dancers and strippers to perform a show on board!

Fine Dining Experience – Exotic Cuisine

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Fine Dining Experience

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A tour before wildness – Enjoy the sea

Before the boats stops at the open sea, you can have a sightseeing tour between the nearby islands. All that can be included in the VIP Yacht Party pack. Have the opportunity to take a look at the different cultures and beauty of the other islands in Greece. After that you may have a wild VIP Yacht party and have fun with your guests. Don’t hesitate, drop us a line and ask everything!


Maybe, you will need to make yours an excellent collection of Mykonos jewellery!

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