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From planning a casual Villa party to organizing a major special occasion event, we can provide the most qualified and good looking professionals in terms of Hosting and Event Planning.

Parties in Vip Places – Special   Events

Our company is well known all around the Party Capitals such as Miami, Dubai, Mykonos, Marbella, Saint Tropez and Cannes. You can choose the credentials based on your preferences from looks to skills.

We are able to offer both big variety of highly trained and well experienced Hostesses who know how to handle every situation. The more special the Event is the more you can trust us!

And our staff that can meet your expectations and desires.

A Mykonos hostess will give a special tone in your event!

Enjoy your tour in Greece.

Bachelor Parties – Events

Our teal specializes in every kind of Event such as outdoors, indoors, pool parties, promotions, openings, random happenings, bachelor and bachelorettes parties, Theme Parties, Birthdays and Special Occasions and any Event needs to be hosted by supreme professionals.

We have recruited our team with the best Nationals and Internationals ladies, who can stand with elegancy, work expertise, experience and they are fluent in many foreign languages.

Our ladies are truly trustworthy with high standards.

Waste no more time and trust us to provide you the best available crew to Host your Event!

An event, in order for you to enjoy your time and the most out of it. You name the occasion / theme / event and we can prepare the rest for you.

We are able to guide you and show you a big collection of jewellery!

Enjoy the optimal event strategy and plan, with the best professionals and meet your expectations.

Get ready to have a memorable time with your guests and have a ball. After all this is why we are here for.

Let’s set the Party on fire, choose a Mykonos hostess, massage services and a private chef for your villa!!!

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