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Mykonos Clubs – Private Bookings – VIP List Clubbing

When it comes to clubbing, there are a lot of spots to choose from and to explore which is why: the Mykonos party is dominating the international club scene.

VIP Mykonos Concierge is the clients’ foremost choice for reserving a table in the  VIP clubs in Mykonos and lifestyle holidays, luxury travel.

VIP celebrities and affluent business figures have all been using  VIP Mykonos’ services to enhance their nightlife experience.

Contact us to make your booking – Top Club in Mykonos!

We organize private events, parties with our DJs, dancers, chefs, bartenders and more.

Mykonos has a lot more to offer beyond the club nights, the elite resorts !

Island of Mykonos has the highest-class restaurants that have made Mykonos popular.

This island is proud present a number of interesting cultural events!

Island which nevertheless require the help of a local to track down and enjoy.


Mykonos Private Transfers and Excursions

   During your stay in Mykonos your desire will be to visit the famous restaurants and luxurious hotels.
We offer VIP Transfer to Cavo Tagoo and Nammos.

Safety and Luxury are the key elements of our business.

All our drivers are licensed and specially trained as VIP drivers and tour operators.
Our drivers are responsible that you arrive at the beach and restaurant of your choosing on time and with safety.
Of course, we also offer security guards!
Meet your personal driver for your night visit to a preferred nightclub or special VIP Party.
Obviously we offer 24/7 Private Mykonos Services for our exclusive members.
Either you want to visit the Villa of your friends to party or want to visit a famous Restaurant such as Nammos.
Furthermore we organize VIP bachelor parties with champagnes and show girls.
The team also organizes yacht parties and pool parties with DJs.

Have you not booked your villa yet ?

Contact us to offer you the best choices for bookings to be able to enjoy your stay in the famous island of the winds !
Moreover, we offer exclusive Mykonos Services for your special Bachelor & Hen Party.
Mykonos as a destination has everything you need.
It is a wild destination.
Mykonos has the best nightlife all over the world !
With our Packages you can be the Diamond bachelor man/woman.
VIP Mykonos Party offers you the DJ, Complete Sound System, Lighting, Luxury Concierge!
Fireworks and any extra service you will request !
Our team is able to book a VIP table for you in any club you will decide to visit.

Santanna Mykonos – VIP Holidays – Reservation

Vipmykonosparty stuff is here to give you the ultimate holidays! We suggest you the top club Santanna!

Enjoy now the paradise! Of course, Santanna has two restaurants and an amazing sushi restaurant!

You will be very happy in the luxury bars of Santanna! In addition, Santanna has a luxury pool and a beautiful beach!

We can book everything for you  and help you with exclusive mykonos services, as Poolside or beachside or alongside one of our DJs, boutiques, cabanas, helipad!

A vip suite is available for you, so you can enjoy the vip experience!

Santanna Pool – Beach – Private Islands

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Super Paradise Mykonos – Top Beach Club


Super Paradise has made its name a synonym to Party in Mykonos. Packed with clubbers, jet-setters, super models and celebrities, do not get surprised if you spot a celebrity among the crowd or dancing next to you.

Super Paradise calls for fun in the sun amidst an eclectic crowd. Of course, you will find a great mix of personalities and bodies enjoying the vibes of the Beach Club.

Make a reservation, find your self in the best Beach Club Mykonos.

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Nammos Club Mykonos – Make a Booking

Nights with sounds that made us dance, nights that become bright as day with fireworks bursting in the skies!

People partying as late as the crack of dawn!

Thousands of cocktail glasses raised to toast to summer and life and yes, countless bottles of champagne!

It will be an amazing experience!

Furthermore, Nammos has an amazing boutique providing luxury jewelry!

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Cavo Paradiso is regarded by music industry publications, artists!

Clubbers, as one of the most impressive venues globally. It is regularly voted in the top club annual lists.

The architectural design was developed through various stages with total respect of the natural surroundings thus you get a feeling: feeling of being within nature! Furthermore, you appreciate the wild beauty that Mykonos island and the Aegean archipelago has to offer.

Whats so majestic about Cavo Paradiso is how it manages to incorporate the island’s natural beauty into its design.

Being able to dance in the natural elements is always a treat.


Vip Mykonos Party Girl of 2020 – Playboy Model Lorana!

We present the playmate model and playboy model Lorana , a real doll from France!

She is a special guest in our parties and of course we are proud of her!

lorena playmate playboy model vip mykonos party clubs

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Make your booking today! Enjoy the dream!

Give us a call now! We can help you to book at Scorpios Mykonos, Moni, Astra, etc.

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