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You are in the most appropriate page to plan your party times during your trip in Mykonos. Our island is a very well known place for its parties and crazy night life that host.

Best Villa Party Mykonos – Yacht Party

Find which VIP party best suits your needs and let us take care of everything else. In our website you can get informed about indoor, outdoor, yacht, private and bachelor parties hosted in Mykonos. All designed and specialised for VIP. Our team have organised dozens of luxurious VIP parties and thus they know how to do it better than anyone else on the island. Get every information you need, imagine it and don’t hesitate to ask us any question.

Bachelor Party Mykonos – Limo and Show Girls

You can drop us a line and organise your very own party even months before your arrival on the island. Additionally, here you can find excellent professionals who can make sure you and your friends get the quality entertainment you deserve.


We can provide DJs, Dancers and every other professional you may need to organize the perfect party. Also, we can find a suitable place to have a party based on your needs. Many very important persons have trusted us the main reason of their visit in Mykonos, we provide the best Mykonos services (transfer vip, buy or rent a villa, etc). You will be persuaded by one single call. Don’t lose time!

Show-DJ-Dance Girls

As we mentioned before we know exactly what makes a party super. Additionally to our other services, we can provide showgirls who are going to make your party atmosphere unforgettable. It would be awesome to have a professional dancer girl performing a fire dance, and guess what, we can offer this too. Catch all sights by hiring a professional DJ girl to drive the emotions of your guest by playing the best music topless!

Pool Parties are the best!

What would be better than a hot party with pool water as a coolant after an exhausting dance? You can enjoy the summer in Mykonos and its high temperature that will help you and your guests get the proper mood for a party and have a pool by your side to build the perfect atmosphere! We can book a special place for you to have your party by the poolside. We cooperate with expert pool companies and a variety of villas, mansions and hotels that have a pool specifically designed for parties like that. Don’t loose time, make your wet dreams a reality!

Rich Portfolio

In the past we had very important persons as customers and managed to fulfil their expectations. Worldwide known models, even Arab Princes trusted us to organise their parties. We made for them parties at pools, yachts, villas, even at their place. They had the opportunity to enjoy private parties confidentially. This is a proof of what we are able to do.

The ultimate Bachelor Party

Lets talk about one party that is something different and in many lives its a one-time experience. Every man want to have a last-time experience while being single. Some days before your marriage, the best place you can spend your last single moments is Mykonos Island. Why not making this an unforgettable experience by letting us organise your bachelor party? During our career, we organised so many bachelor parties that now its a routine for us. Every summer, we organise dozens of bachelor parties in our island.

True Story of our extraordinary services

Last summer we had a call from the USA. It was a man that would get married after two weeks. He was planning to visit Greece and specifically Mykonos to spend some good quality days with his friends. He communicated with us some days before their arrival. What he asked for is one bachelor party that would stun his friends and would be unforgettable. After we described to him what we are able to do, he trusted us and let us organise everything for him. That way it would be a surprise for him too! The day of his arrival everything was planned. He had a two-days party where there were dancers, experienced DJ and we had manage to be there one international playmate gust that performed some strip dances. The party’s atmosphere was boosted by a lot of other happenings and ended with him and his friends speechless. All you have to do to have a similar experience is what he did, drop us a line and tell us what you dream about or let everything to us.

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We are an expert team experienced in organising VIP Parties in Mykonos. We are doing this for over 5 years. We know exactly what our customers need. See below some of our services.

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